Kim Samuel speaking at The Walrus Talks

Speaking Tour 2023

Building on decades of research and hundreds of interviews that supported the creation of On Belonging, Kim Samuel is launching a speaking tour—in-person and online—to support the book launch. She will be giving speeches, interactive discussions, panels, and workshops on the themes presented in the book.

Key Audiences Include

Changemakers in search of new and creative solutions to modern social challenges

Organizational leaders seeking to build more united and resilient teams

Scholars and researchers seeking new frameworks for illuminating current social and political trends

Anyone who has experienced isolation and is looking to build belonging—both personally and in the broader world

Through vivid stories, leading-edge research, and direct experience, Kim explores

The meaning of belonging — not only connection among people but also in terms of place, power, and purpose

The implications of social isolation across fields from gender equity to migration, ecology to urban design

Practical strategies for building belonging in our workplaces, communities, and world

Speaking & Media Inquiries

For interview requests or speaking engagements with Kim Samuel, please contact: